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The photographs in the “Earth Process” series investigate the mystery of presence, consciousness and mortality vis-à-vis the transience of human bodies and civilization, mere bundles of matter in time and space, fated to dissolve and disappear like everything else in the universe. This project is about deeper understanding of our dependence on other living beings and fundamental interconnectedness of all things. I am fascinated by the way nature reclaims space and objects, including human bodies, that are essentially, only ever on loan from the biosphere, eventually taking on the characteristics of minerals and returning to earth.

All the images in this series were created using color negative film. The “Earth Process” work is divided in three different sections. Constructed Environments, Biograms and self portraits. All the images are real biochemical moments created by harnessing nature's alchemy.

The processed film emulsion with it’s optical image is buried in earth in a controlled laboratory environment, using masking agents and accelerators, reinterpreting the optical image. Microbes disassemble and reorganize the existing information to create a new image, based on their own rules as a biochemical event, lasting anything fom few days to up to one week. The microbes creating the new image, are reacting, communicating and interacting with the edges and colorfields on the image.

Coins, glass and other everyday objects, are brought to contact with color negative film emulsion which is processed in contact with earth. This process could be considered  similar to the traditional photograms, but using earth, accelerant and masking agents to create the image on a sheet of color negative film. Objects that were manufactured using minerals from earth, return to earth leaving a trace of their image on color negative film on their way merging back to earth.

Once the film emulsion is processed the image is scanned with very high resolution. Since these images are now, not only based on film grain, but also based on new biochemical image detail, they contain vast amount of information, micro and macro events. The closer you look, more  information there is to look at.  Final large scale images are a fantastic mix of the actual biological image making process and manmade forms, human form and environments disassembled and reinterpreted.

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